April 10, 2017


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Setup on 1:  If the internet is not working first step is to check your Fiber ONU equipment for the following as shown in the figure below.

Fig 1.1

  1. Power should be turned on
  2. LAN LED has to be turned on and blinking this light indicates that your ONU is connected to your router.
  3. Fiber Optical Link LED has to be tuned on and should be stable it should not be blinking . This light indicates that fiber optic power is fine and working.

Step 2 :  Check if there is Optical Fiber Breakage.

If there is a breakage in Optical Fiber the ONU Router will indicate by a light in the ONU “Link”. As shown in the fig. 1.2 below. Please call us immediately at 4246978 or 9801127450 for prompt support.

Fig. 1.2

Step 3: Check your router it will be shown in Router Configuration section below.

Content used in wireless connection


Antenna                                 POE Adapter                                     Power Cord

How to check your Wireless connection?

Setup on 1:  If the internet is not working first step is to check your POE (power over Ethernet) is on or not.

  1. Power should be turned on
  2. Make sure the cable from the antenna is  properly plugged in on POE as shown in the figure 2.1
  3. Make sure the cable from LAN (which is just next to POE) is plugged in to LAN to your router’s WAN (we call it a short cable ) as shown in the fig 2.1
  4. If its heavily raining make sure the rain water is not coming on POE because that can damage POE (for safety reason you can ask our technical person to fix the way that water won’t come inside the POE)

Fig 2.1

Step 2: How to check your connection with Access Point

  1. 1st thing is the alignment of your antenna is correct or not ( on the day of installation make sure where your antenna is facing ).  As showen in the fig 2.2
  2. If antenna is not facing the same side , make it sure where it should be and tune the antenna
  3. To check the connection between your antenna and the acccess point go to any web browser and type on your address bar of your browser call us at office for username and password of the equipment and follow the steps as given below at the fig. 2.3.

Fig 2.3

  1. Check your signal strength on the main page (the more –DBM you get the signal is more better)

Step 3: If some how your the antenna is resets to factory default.

  1. Must Required Desktop Computer or Laptop with ethernet or Lan Port .
  2. Go to run in your computer or windows sign (at left  bottom of your computer ) +r  and type “cpl
  3. This will open a window Network Connection there you will find a icon Ethernet or Local Area Connection double click on the icon .
  4. This is open another window Ethernet Status-> go to properties->
  5. Another window will open there your can view different connection item double click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  6. Window will appare Internet Protocal Version 4 default setting will be in Obtain an IP automatically select Use the following IP Address
  7. Now at you can see at disabled section at below has been enabled
  8. Add Ip addres : in Subnet add:
  9. Open the browser and type (it might show the connection is not private , go to advance and proceed , this will open the antenna page and ask you for the user name and password , the user name and password will be “ubnt”)
  10. Make sure you know the username provided by the provider
  11. Go to NETWORK on the antenna , Network mode should be router
  12. Go to wan ip address and click on PPPoE than put your username and password
  13. Service name should be PPPoE and MTU/MRU should be 1480 and NAT should be enabled and Auto IP Aliasing should be enabled
  14. Now lets check LAN Network Settings
  15. 1st make sure to tick on DHCP server enable
  16. Make the ip address to to and range start - / range end
  17. Hit the change bottom and click on apply
  18. Now make sure you remove the ip address from your laptop and log in to
  19. Log in to your antenna and go to wireless where you can see SSID
  20. Click on “select” just next to wireless (it will show you a page where you can see many antennas , search for Allied or ANT , click on the antenna which has most less – dBm , click on the SSID which has the most signal strength
  21. Click on “Lock to AP “
  22. You will get back to wireless page there you can see the SSID you have selected , click on change than hit apply and wait for a minute till the antenna gets connected to our antenna , your internet should be working

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